Chinese new crop peanuts 2018

Global Peanuts New Crop 2018 Pangea Brokers

Chinese new crop peanuts 2018

Pangea Brokers is happy to share with you the Chinese new crop Peanuts 2018 estimation.

For the new crop, Chinese farmers have reduced drastically their total planting.

The reason for this drop in the Chinese new crop peanuts 2018, is that the current crop (2017) were very cheap and other origins, than USA, Argentina or India, had also massive productions of peanuts. So many Chinese farmers lost money and their enthusiasm to plant more peanuts.

So if China produce less, it´s expected that the prices will go up considerably for the New Crop.

Here below is a small brief about the different pronvices and how it affected to them:

  1. Anhui.

This area is not major supplier to EU and export market, mainly for crushing quality, this area

For the new crop, they will reduce a 25% of the total planting; because more and more farmers plant trees and flowers instead of peanuts, because China is now under Pollution control movement, a lot of cities need huge green trees and flowers to decorate the city streets and house.

  1. Henan

This is the biggest planting province in China. However here is just a few quality available for export, the most is used for domestic snack and oil Industry market.

For the new crop, they will reduce a 15% of the total planting.

  1. Hebei

This area is not a major peanuts origin. They mainly produce for domestic snack business.

For the new crop, they will reduce a 15%.

  1. Liaoning       

This area is not a major peanuts origin, becuase the farmers here plant more maize

  1. Jilin

This is the major origin for Hsuji Type Peanuts (Red Skin Kernels).

This area is the most effected and will reduce a 40% of the total planting of the new crop.

  1. Shandong

This is the major EU and JAPAN export origin,

For the new crop, they will reduce a 15-20% of the total planting


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