Global Macadamias Report


Global Macadamias Report

Pangea Brokers updated Global Macadamias Report

As it´s an extremely quiet on all fronts and origins, we are happy to share with you the updated global market information for the Macadamia.

  1. South Africa.

The season is drawing to a close, however many processors are still operating.

The South African Macadamia Association forecast around 65% of the crop to be processed to kernel.

Kernel exports from South Africa to Europe and the USA have been high over the past few months.

  1. Kenya.

The second Harvest, of October-November, used to be small; but the processors are positive about the new harvest, concretely in terms of quality and volumes.

Kenya saw good early season rains which will benefit the tree-nut market overall.

  1. China

They stated their intent to become the world’s leading macadamia producer.

Currently they produce around 8.4% of the world’s macadamia, but they plan to push this up to 60% by 2025.

There are several issues such as high rainfall during the harvesting season, pests and poor survival rate of seedlings that impact on quality.

Many Chinese buyers are also buying locally this year.

  1. Australia

The Australian Macadamia Society increased crop forecast to 47,500 tonness

  1. Brazil

They estimate an increase of around 10% on the 2018 harvest.

The 2018 crop was approximately 7.000 tonnes

  1. Mozambique.

They are starting to yield significant crop volumes.

Continued investment from South Africa are sustaining the growth in this region.

If you need some additional information about the Global Macadamias, just let us know.

We are glad to be at your disposal.

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