Global Pistachios New Crop 2018

Global Pistachios New Crop 2018 Pangea Brokers Nuts

Global Pistachios New Crop 2018

Pangea Brokers updated Global Pistachios New Crop 2018 report.


We are happy to share with you the most outstanding points for the Global Pistachios New Crop 2018.


Here below we sumarize briefly the relation of crop per the most outstanding countries:


  1. Iran. The harvesting time is coming to an end and for the moment the most outstanding points are:
  • The total crop volumen is approximately 50.000 MT. The main reason for this small crop were the bad weather conditions during thblooming. On the one side there were heavy frosts and on the other side unusual warm weather conditions during the month of February.
  • While the yields are low, the quality is succesfully. Specially the Ahmad Aghaie Variety has a good quality this year.
  • The sizes of pistachios are again small and it seems to be difficult to find again big sizes, than Fandoghi 28/30.
  • Besides the less crop and good quality, another important factor for this new crop is the Impact of Iranian Currency. The value of the Iranian Rial is steadily decreasing, and it is approximately 138,000 per 1 USD on the spot market. The government requires all exporters to exchange currencies through centralized bank channel; unfortunately this rate is unfavourable for the Iranian exporters.


  1. Turkey.
  • Turkey is this year the 3rd biggest producer. They have an estimated total production of 250.000 MT.
  • The main pistachios growing areas in Turkey are Antep and Siirt regions. A 90% of the total Production is coming from Antep region, a 5% from Siirt and the rest from other producing areas.
  • For the Antep variety the best size for this crop year and the one that will be easily available the whole year will be about 32/34. The Naturally Open will be around a 70%.
  • For the Sirrt variety the size is good, but the available quantity is very limited. The Naturally Open is around a 70-80% available.


Any additional information that you would need, about the Global Pistachios New Crop 2018, just let us know.


We are glad to be at your disposal.

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