Turkish Dried Apricots Report


Turkish Dried Apricots Report

The market is picking up at Malatya these days. The raw material prices are staying stable, but it is expected that they increase step by step during this month.

We are happy to share with you some updated market information for the Turkish Dried Apricots.


The availability of the raw material is still tight in the market. The main reason is that the farmers are not willing to sell their stocks and await higher prices.


The demand for dried apricots

It’s expected that the demand for dried apricots will rise up by January 2019 due to the increase of the demand from Arab countrie. Mainly to cover their needs for Ramadam

If the USD currency won’t increase against Turkish Lira in parallel to raw material prices, we may see higher export prices for apricots accordingly. Currently the low USD currency is effecting the apricot market in a negative way for sure.

In March will be elections in Turkey. So until then it is expected that the currency will not move so much. However this is a difficult estimate and we will see the evolve during the following days.


The weather conditions

Also the bloom for next crop apricots will take place during March and April 2019. The weather conditions during these months will be effecting directly over the market directly.

If there are bad weather conditions and smaller crop signals for next season, the current crop prices will be effected negatively and the market will increase accordingly. And in case of positive developments during the bloom period, we can expect an easier market for the rest of the season. Currently the big sizes are less available in the market therefore the price gap between big and small sizes are getting larger in the market presently.

In the next weeks/months we will see how the market evolves, but if there is some additional information that you need, just let us know. We are glad to be at your disposal.

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