Turkish Dried Figs New Crop 2018

Turkish dried fig New Crop 2018

Turkish Dried Figs New Crop 2018

Pangea Brokers is happy to share with you testimation for Turkish dried figs new crop 2018.

The most outstanding points for the Turkish Dried Figs New Crop 2018 are:

  1. The New Crop quantity is expected to be around 80.000 mtons. It´s around 3-5% bigger than last year.
  2. The harvest has started 2-3 weeks earlier than usual due to climatic conditions.
  3. The number of fruit trees is a little higher than last season.
  4. Due to the recent rains and constant winds from the west, at least 20%-40% of the figs are cracked and rotten, therefore, the percentage of figs of exportable quality is lower than usual and the aflatoxin rate is expected to be higher due to the high humidity.

However the later harvest figs were developed nicely. So if the weather conditions goes suitable during the end of August and the first half of September period, it is expected that they have a very nice quality for these goods

  1. Next week the first arrivals to the factories will start and then will begin the accordingly process. So it is expected that the first shipments could be arranged for the end of September.
  2. The new crop fig prices are expected to be higher than last season’s prices. The main depending factor is the much stronger US$ / Euro currencies against Turkish Lira and the larger crop size in Turkey. As there are lower quality figs available in the market by the heavy rains, there are expect to be different price levels between the suppliers depending on the quality and reliability; and big price differences between the first and second class of figs.

Any additional information that you would need, just let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

We are glad to be at your disposal any time.

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