Turkish Hazelnuts New Crop 2018

Turkish Hazelnuts New Crop 2018

Pangea Brokers is happy to share with you the Turkish Hazelnuts New Crop 2018 estimation.

According to the latest market update, the Turkish Hazelnuts New Crop 2018 is expected to be around  600.000 MT.

Close to the carry over, from current crop (2017) about 85.000 MT. The total crop volumen, is supposed to be around 685.000 MT.

The most outstanding points for the Hazelnuts New Crop are:

  1. It is expected that new crop prices will be at the same level as the last prices of the current crop.
  2. Normally the harvesting season starts at the end of August but this season, as the weather conditions went so well, the hazelnuts grew faster than usual. So this year the harvesting already started and 1-2 weeks earlier than expected.
  3. The first shipments could be arranged at the beginning of September.
  4. It´s still unknown the average of the breakdown of the sizes. So this point will be clear when the first new crop goods will be cracked.

Any additional information that you would need, just let us know.

We are glad to be at your disposal.

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