Pangea Brokers Pumkin Seeds Market Stimations

Chinese Pumpkin Seeds and Kernels New 2019 Crop Report

Pangea Brokers updates the evolution of the Chinese Pumpkin Seeds and Kernels New 2019 Crop report.


Pangea Brokers is happy to share with you some estimations for the Chinese Pumpkin Seeds and Kernels New Crop, 2019.

Here below we share some outstanding pumkin seeds and kernels market points for the most demanded varieties:

1. Snow White Pumpkin Seeds.

Actually the new crop planted area is similar as last crop. However while the carry over from crop 2017 was around 30.000 tons, this year it will be around 10.000 tons.

There will be also the degradation of the seeds, as no investment on the new seeds, farmers just use the old seeds,and the crop is easy for disease, production per hectare is less than 1000kg, so farmers expecting higher price to make profit.

Currently the weather is quite good in the Northeast Area, and if all goes like this, the new crop quality could be much better and the color could be good.

2. Shine Skin Pumpkin Seeds.

The new crop will be reduced by 20-30% due to the reduced plantation.

Currently the weather conditions in the Northeast of China are evolving well. So the new crop Production could be similar than the current one.

The current crop is almost finish due to the high demand from USA and Australia for this variety. Europe has been very calmed this season.

3. GWS Pumpkin Kernels.

The new crop will be reduced so much for this variety, because many farmers are more focused in sunflower, hemp and watermelon seeds.

Currently there is left a lot of material and farmers are frustrated due to the low price and slow market.

The weather conditions are evolving very good and so far the quality of this variety is evolving well.

Prices and final available quantities and qualities are not certain yet. So during the following two months we will see how it´s evolve.

If you in the meantime need some additional or updated information about the Chinesse Pumkin Seeds and Kernels Market, just let us know. We are glad to be at your disposal.

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