Turkish Raisins New Crop 2018

Turkish Raisins New Crop 2018

Pangea Brokers updated market information for Turkish Raisins New Crop 2018 .


The Turkish Raisins New Crop 2018 is approaching and the Turkey’s Minister of Agriculture already announced the new crop estimation around 261.000 MT.

The other outstanding points for the Turkish Raisins New Crop 2018 are the following:

  • The seasonal rains and hails have damaged some vineyards. The berries can easily contract the disease “Mildew” (cottony, whitish coating on the surface of the affected parts, caused by one of the different fungi). Producers take their precaution to avoid this contamination, but  the real damages are still not clear.
  • Regarding the bad weather conditions, the harvest is 15-20 days earlier to avoid any further quality damages. However the real damages on quality are not clear.
  • The first shipments of New Crop Sultanas and Thompsons Raisin can be arranged for the first half of September. The most probbably is that they are going firstly to Spain and then to Europe and other export markets.
  • Turkish raisin processing facilities are improving with much more strict pesticide controls. So they quality is going to be much more better.
  • The price estimations for new crop is at the same level as the last prices of current crop. However Trump’s recent spat with Erdoğan is causing some problems and concerns for Turkey’s trading partners. There are already large fluctuations in the value of the Turkish Lira, which certainly affect the rates at which raisins are offered to Turkey’s foreign purchasers.

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